Audrey Hepburn , Brigitte Bardot ,Sophia Loren,Romy Schneider : My all time Favourites

Here are some photos of my Styleicons. Audrey,Sophia,Romy and Brigitte. It's awesome that you can see that there are so many influences from those times in todays ad campaigns or styles. All of them had a great and unique style. Very eloquent,chic and classy. Audrey kept it very simple and elegant with clean cuts. She is the woman who wore the Little Black Givenchy dress at Breakfast at Tiffanys and no other woman could look better in it. Audrey was famous for her ballett-flats , the capri pants, the trenchcoats and her awesome handbags. One thing is sure : Audrey hadn't just a stunning personality , her unique style is the biggest inspiration to woman in the whole world.Different from Brigitte Bardot: She was famous for her feminine figure, she was the sexsymbol and pin-up inspiration. Men lusted after her and Woman tried to copy her 50's Pinup-style. Everytime I think about here I can't get over her beautfil hair that she often wore in a wild pony tail. Her big black bordered eyes and her pink lips were her trademarks.Sophia Loren and her awesome vintagestyle is a big styleinspiration for many woman and designer today. She meant a lot to the fashionindustry. Besides here incredible Beauty , her style was incredible ,too : powerful with feminine cuts , sexy lingerine in her movies ... She wasn't afraid about showing her body to the world.
Romy Schneider is one of the biggest inspiration to me. She had an very short and not very happy life although she was such a wonderful and beautiful woman. Her son David died in a horrible accident, her marriage failed and so she soon followed in a possible suicide. The girl who was known as Sissi was a sensetive woman which had to grow up too fast. She had an amazing way to dress and I love her natural beauty.

Fact is that all these gorgeous woman became timless styleicons which will always be remembered.

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  1. romy ist die schönste frau der welt
    ich verehre sie!

  2. wirklich tolle bilder

  3. Ich liebe diese Mode!!! Damals waren die Frauen so natürlich und einfach nur wunder wunder schön !!!!

  4. True icons!! I LOVE your blog, it's amazing!!

    I'll follow you, follow back if you like:)

  5. Toller post, valerie :) die vier sind und bleiben einfach atemberaubend!
    xoxo F

  6. I love these photos!! Such great style :) I am your #300 follower!! Please check out my blog & follow me too! :)


  7. My fave is Audrey, she was so beautiful, sweet and elegant!!

  8. I love Audrey,she was wonderful!
    Fabulous video:)
    I just found your blog,it's very cute.I added to your followers:)
    xx Mary


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